We all know you should have a bathroom at your business for many reasons the obvious being a place for your customers to relieve themselves. On the other hand, though you can tell a lot about a business, by the way, they keep their bathrooms! With most companies, the bathroom can be one of the most forgotten places when cleaning. If they have a beautiful, well-kept bathroom, more than likely the places you can’t see behind the ’employee only’ doors are probably well maintained also. This case is essential when it comes to specific situations, especially restaurants – and no, I’m not saying this is the case everywhere or every restaurant. My main point here is that when a bathroom isn’t well taken care of it can reflect on what you can’t see. The bathroom may be a place that customers use, but employees don’t see it all the time, so it’s like the out of sight out of mind mentality. This causes them not always to be taken care of properly. In cases that they are typically taken care of, everything behind closed doors is taken care of cleanly too. 

The other huge thing is, and it doesn’t seem like much, but the type of toilet paper they use can say a lot. If they use thin toilet paper that falls apart when you wipe, it shows they care more about profitability than the individual customer. If a business uses softer toilet paper (e.g., Charmin or Cottonelle) even though they can choose not too, it shows they want to have a comfortable experience for their customers. This really doesn’t seem like much, and this article may seem like a joke, but honestly, this is a massive part of a business that companies overlook. Honestly, this all came from the last few weeks as I suffer from a lower GI issue that causes me to have to go to the bathroom quite often and that struck this article as I have seen a variety of interior looks and details of several bathrooms, and it reflects on the businesses going on outside of them. I’ve also noticed that when a company keeps a beautiful bathroom, they usually have better customer service experience in general, and no I have not conducted any formal experiments to back up these statements, it is just an observation. 

Photo Credits:

“Bathroom Clipart Public Bathroom 15.” Cook Ciary, clip.cookdiary.net/wallpaper-4082227.


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