The Three Sabotages

Have you ever looked at your life being influenced not only by your choices but by what happened to you in your past? Well, this book helps to open your eyes to the whole idea of your past influencing your future. This book is the second book published by him that I have reviewed and man this one resonates. He illustrates our lives like a sponge in which when we’re little we soak everything up, but as we grow up, our sponge starts to dry up, making us rigid and stuck. The stiff sponge we become has things stuck in it that become our conclusions on life from the way we view life and the way we see ourselves and others. The way he depicted it shined a new light on the way to look at life because usually, you don’t think that your past still affects you daily but looking at it in this light it does change the way you do things. This book explores the side of life that deals with self-sabotage, and that deals with how your past may be affecting your future decisions.

View of Self

The picture of yourself can be one of the biggest sabotages in your life. The way you view yourself shapes everything you do from not thinking your smart enough or good enough. Your thoughts then undermine your progress because you never believe you can be where you want to be. This sabotage is very prevalent in people who like me have a fear of never being able to succeed because they never think they can do good enough work or struggle with always trying to be perfect. Heck, just for me to sit down and write this blog can be a struggle because I continuously have the assumption it’s not going to go anywhere. The other way this is very prevalent is when you see someone you want to be with but assume that you are not good enough for that person as you have those conclusions already drawn before you even try. I see people do this all of the time as it is widespread in our culture to assume someone is too good for us.

View of Others

This is another big problem in today’s culture, as we always view others in a way that holds ourselves inferior. We also always compare ourselves to others. Gary talks about how we see social interaction can sabotage how we interact with others in our lives. Let’s say you view people as annoying, or you believe they’re a nuisance, and that makes you avoid contact with others. I really thought about this, and it really makes a difference what you say to yourself. Even without thinking about the lifelong sabotage that is soaked into your existence, you can also affect your interactions just by saying to yourself you don’t like this person. Assuming you don’t want someone can change how you act, look, and feel around them. Only you can change yourself and how you view life, and without changing it means you’ll be stuck. Personally, I see others as competition; I always want to be better than others, and it pushes me to be better and better.

View of Life

The way you view life makes how you chose to live your life harder or more comfortable. Personally, I see life as a rollercoaster or a mountain range, and it makes life so much easier when I get my lows. I always know there is nowhere to go but up! Some people may view life as a challenging thing, and that may make their life difficult because life is what you make of it. I honestly never really thought of it like this because I remember when I used to think life sucked and that I didn’t appreciate the experience I had and it made my life suck. Your view on life can also go way deeper it can affect your financial perspective, professional life, and how your progress in life!

Reading Gary’s books have shined a new light on how my thoughts can affect my life. I really appreciate the fresh outlook on life, and I think you should read it. I believe that if you read this book as it is supposed to pause when he wants you to break, it will bring a life-changing experience. If you want to purchase the book click here!


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