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Unfu*k Yourself is a book that makes a person look at the root problems of their life in every aspect. We all forget the reassurance that you can do great things. In this book Gary does a fantastic job of displaying the mind as something of our control and making it very easy to change. He can direct his thoughts and emotions to make his life a lot easier. Unlike most people, he uses his mind to propel himself not to drag himself down. He uses a lot of quotes in this book that make his writing style flow and make it motivation without being too sappy. He also writes this book in a way that it talks to you not really over your head like you’re stupid but in a blunt, honest, and truthful way.

The 3 Takeaways from Unfu*k Yourself

The First- thoughts influence action

The first takeaway is that no matter how big or small the task, every little thing you do is going to be influenced by your thoughts. I realized that feelings are very prevalent in doing chores or other tasks you hate because they make simple tasks feel like they drag on forever. If you go into your to-do lists thinking that they suck and that you hate them the job is going to feel lengthy, you have to think good thoughts. This process makes actions that are less desirable to take less time because you don’t realize how long you spend doing the task.

The Second- take action

Everything in a person’s life can be done just by taking action. We slow down when we entangle our lives in preconceived ideas about how it is supposed to be. Life is all about being able to take action with the primary purpose of progression, and yes, we may not always feel like the sequence is going forward. Sometimes it may feel as though we did a whole two steps ahead five steps back scenario, but no matter what we do either teaches us. Maybe you want to be a millionaire, and it’s not happening because you’re spending your money on Gucci, Michael Kors, and an expensive car. I say its time to reevaluate and take action to get to your goals maybe sell the expensive shit and live below the means for a while as this takeaway says you always have to TAKE ACTION! If you sell everything or even stop putting towards expensive items and more towards investments eventually by taking small steps, you can get there. Everything you take action towards leads you down one path or another; you must decide which way you want to make your life go.

Third Takeaway- Life is all about your conclusions

This takeaway goes back to takeaway one in a way as he explains you have these thoughts that are in our subconscious. These thoughts could be due to past emotions about specific situations, but they never really surface to the point that you notice them. They are always there slightly affecting particular ways you do things. They could change things in your relationships and areas of your life you don’t want to be impacted but are due to previous experience. For example, maybe you had a bad breakup based around the fact that you didn’t like one aspect of your partner’s life or vice-versa well. Without even realizing you may start to target that aspect when finding future partners. The worst part is you may not even know you are doing it. You are only doing it because subconsciously you already know you don’t desire said trait. This example is only a problem when you start to realize in the future that you want that trait, and maybe you weren’t ready for it in the past. This subconscious can only overturn by thinking about the subconscious drives behind everything you want to do but can’t one. I believe this is a colossal thing mainly because I think about what affects my life and keeps me where I am, and it is my subconscious fear of failure. The fear of failure rules my life day in and out it stops me from spending more time on this blog or my many business ventures because I FEAR FAILURE more than anything in this world. After reading this book, I plan on attacking this head-on and pushing through until I succeed.


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