Just wanted to update the blog with a few different things that will be happening and that I will be working on over the next few weeks. These projects will all include continuing to work on this blog I know I took quite a long hiatus from this as my personal life hit me pretty hard and all of my projects got swept to the side. The fact that I paused my projects is very unusual as I typically use work as a release for my problems just like the last few weeks I have been working anywhere from 40-75 hours a week.

My projects I want you guys to keep your eyes out for include a podcast, an apparel line, fitness YouTube channel, a channel for topics discussed on this blog, and also channel based on my life and my pursuit of my personal goals and ambitions. I will also be starting to stream and record video game videos for YouTube as well! All of these tasks will be difficult and time-consuming, but putting hard work in now will get me where I want to be in the future!

The last thing I want to update you guys on is that I will be way more active on this blog announcing projects as they launch and as I read and review books as well as other updates I feel need to be published! I wish you guys a great day, and I will be trying to post a few times a week! Good luck on anything you guys desire and on your goals and dreams.


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